June Tag Challenge - Results

We played the new Sonora Park 9 hole course in Kennedale this month. Your membership director had his first ace. Unfortunately it was a black ace. : ) If you don’t know what a black ace is, it’s getting an ace on the wrong basket. Also by the rules of 51 Steve had to payout each man on his card $5 for the black ace. And being the honorable disc golf trooper he is, he indeed made this payout. If you don’t know what 51 is, it’s an ongoing game that is always played with your card mates. If someone on the card hits metal off the drive then everyone on the card gives him a $1. If he hits an ace, then they give him $5. (unless there is an ace pot awarded). So by hitting a black ace you have to payout $5 to everyone else on the card. This is often talked about but nobody ever thinks it will really happen. The odds are against it, I sure have never heard of it actually happening. So way to go Steve! Ace Total=-1 You da man!

Name Tag Division (O, A, or M) Score
brice longerbone 4 o 47
tyler raemhold 90 a 51
chad harrington 167 a 53
dan regal 22 m 55
jerry seabolt 142 m 55
philip hall 52 o 56
matt 162 a 56
woody 60 m 58
brady 91 m 59
troy cappel 55 m 60
brian mcvickers 140 m 60
fa teague 54 o 61
geno 123 m 61
steve sanders 240 m 63
steve no tag m 63
jonathan loyd 248 a 65
Dalton seabolt 77 o 67
jovany martinez 187 a 68
andre gonzalez 178 a 69
mike loyd 247 a 69
patrick wright 188 a 72


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