Livin' the Dream June, 24th 2011 by eloy


The theme for the 2011 Texas District Cub Scouts day camp was SPACE “To Infinity and Beyond”. They had all their favorite activities such as Archery, BB guns, Hiking,ect..and this year they added Disc Golf to the camp activities. They called upon the Funkytown Flyers. Thanks to our friends at JDM who made our website possible, the Cub Scouts were able to contact us to give a demonstration to their scouts and pack leaders.

Funkytown member Mickey Scott assembled a group of Funkytown volunteers to assist him in the demonstration. The Cub Scouts and pack leaders were able to see first hand what Disc Golf is all about. The Pack leaders got to show off their skills in a long distance drive contest. Then the Flyers stepped up to the plate displaying various types of long distance drives. The Cub Scouts and Pack Leaders were in AHH!! watching the Flyers launching discs “To Infinity and Beyond”

Once again the Funkytown Flyers were able to reach out to our kids and community. The demonstration was a HUGE SUCCESS. I want to give a special thanks to members Mickey Scott, Phillip Hall, Andrew Ramirez, Billy D and your Co-Director Eloy Rodriguez for taking time out of your busy schedule to make this MISSION COMPLETE!!!



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