PDGA News June, 18th 2011 by Justin Downey

PDGA Worlds Non-Smoking Policy Gets Strict!

We reported on the PDGA’s decision to ban smoking during the 2011 World Championship in Rochester, New York about a month ago.  It seams now the policy has really gotten strict. Check out the latest (quote) clarification of the non-smoking policy right from the PDGA’s website:

Smoking is banned during competition at the 2011 PDGA Pro and Amateur World Championships. Players will not be permitted to smoke from the start of play until the player’s scorecard is submitted. Smoking of any kind during competition may result in immediate disqualification and further disciplinary action as stated in the PDGA Competition Manual, Section 3.3 Player Misconduct.

At this year’s Spring Summit, the PDGA Board of Directors clarified details of the smoking policy in place for the 2011 PDGA Pro World Championships in Santa Cruz CA and the 2011 PDGA Amateur & Junior World Championships in Rochester NY.

  • E-cigarettes and chewing tobacco are not allowed under the smoking policy
  • Open and visual possession of any product banned under the smoking policy will be treated as a courtesy violation, and violators will be asked to put away the product until after the cards are turned in. Repeated offenses will be handled per 801.01F

They go on to say that they’re still evaluating the policy and “welcome your comments.” Well PDGA members, let’s give them some comments! –>

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  • Justin Downey says

    <b>UPDATE from the PDGA:</b> The “smoking ban” has been a long time discussion. Instead of smoking ban, let’s call it the tobacco-free policy. In January, it was voted on and passed by the PDGA Board of Directors. The motion stated that smoking (of all types- chewing, electronic cigs etc.) be restricted at the 2011 Am and Pro World Championships in the same manner that alcohol is currently restricted. As we know, this brought up a lot of discussion and debates. The PDGA survey clearly shows that more members agreed with the smoking ban than not.

    On Tuesday, we had our monthly teleconference and the current tobacco-free policy was on the agenda. The question was, “Do we want to keep the non smoking policy?” After some discussion, the majority wanted to keep the policy but with a little twist. (In Board terms, an amendment) We have listened to both negative and positive feedback and came up with this motion. The motion stated that the PDGA continue the non smoking policy at the PDGA Majors in 2012, from the two minute warning until the time that the scorecard is turned in, except in special areas out of the public eye as designated by the tournament director. The motion passed.

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