PDGA News August, 19th 2011 by Justin Downey

PDGA New Website

According to a post on PDGA, they’re getting a new website. As I’m sure many Funkytown members have noticed, the current PDGA website has been suffering performance issues and is badly in need of a refresh. A new leaner and faster PDGA website is scheduled to launch in late September!

While the most notable improvement will be increased speed and overall performance, there are several other enhancements and additional features planned as well. The overall look and feel of the website will receive a slight makeover (see attached screenshot (sorry for the resolution problem). The new website will also been optimized for use with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android) and Facebook functionality will be added too.

Do you get the feeling they’re a little jealous of Funkytown’s website? I do, but I’m bias.



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