Upcoming December, 27th 2011 by David Teague

Fifth Annual Hangover Classic!

It’s time to get ready for the 5th club championship event, the Hangover Classic.

This years New Years Day event will be held at Lester Lorch Park in Cedar Hill.

We will be playing two rounds this year. The field will be split and you will play one round on Beaver and one on Coyote. (Last year we started on time but we just had too many people on one course. In fact, every year we have had over 120 people on one course and the round always takes forever. From now on we will play two courses so that we can fit everyone and have the rounds play as quickly as possible.)

Sign ups will start promptly at 8am (Eloy will provide a member card for everyone to fill out, If you are a renewing member all you need to do is check renewal and put your name and any info that may have changed since last year). Steve will take entry fees, tags and filled out cards)

The players meeting will start at 930am where we will honor our 2011 Players of the Year.

There will be 6 divisions this year: Open, Ladies, Masters, Grand Masters, AM and Novice. Each Division winner will receive a trophy.

Cards will be made out by the order of division and tag turned in. You will play on the same card and starting hole for both rounds.

We will be taking a short 45 minute break between rounds. Hot dogs will be provided during the break and after the second round. But if you would like something else, please bring a snack. We need to keep the break short so that we can be sure to finish both rounds with plenty of daylight.

Finally, this years membership fee will be $25. Everyone will automatically be in the ace pot. $2 will be taken out of the fee and added to the existing ace pot of $250. The ace pot should be over $450. If the ace is not hit it will carry over to the bag tag challenges.

We look forward to another successful kick off to a new year. See everyone New Years Day!



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