Results January, 2nd 2012 by David Teague

5th Hangover Classic - Results

After adding a second round and 5 dollars to the membership fee we weren’t sure how the turn out would be, but as usual the flyers did not disappoint. We had 120 players for the 5th annual Hangover Classic.

We awarded players of the year trophies to Theth Sien for all his great promotion of the sport this year with the travelling ace pot and to Willow Sky Brees for all her efforts promoting women’s participation in the sport, check out her facebook page Women’s Disc Golf Awareness.

Notably we had 15 grand masters and 6 ladies compete. We had Cody Crudington come up from Waco, Trance Rosenquist from Abilene and the Pittmans from Tennessee. Everything went super smooth and everyone seemed to have a good time. It was great to see so many familiar faces that we haven’t seen in a while and all the new members who came out for their first Hangover.

We are already looking forward to next year where we will play another two course combination such as Fritz/Turner, North Park/Arcadia or Saddle Hills/Zboaz. Also next year we will include all divisions commonly found at PDGA tournaments and have a trophy for each. We ordered duplicates of the 1,2 and 3 tag for next year, so those low tags will definitely be at the Hangover.

Here are the trophy winners:

Biskit – Open

Samara Schrimsher – Ladies

John Luecke – Grandmasters

B-rad Jenkins – Masters

Chris Hernandez – Advanced AM

Cameron Shirley – Novice

…here are the results….

Name Division (O, A, or M) Score
biskit o 97
justin jones o 104
bucky garrett o 106
tony shirley o 107
joshua blank o 108
ken herrod o 109
shaun hunter o 109
david kinter o 110
salem mhanna o 110
john luecke g 111
eric dodson o 111
brandon melton o 111
eloy guerra o 111
chad smith o 111
jimmy hernandez o 112
brice longerbone o 113
chris hernandez a 114
ron pittman g 114
thoun sien o 114
kyle mckinnon o 114
adam bailey o 115
rusty pappas o 115
brad jenkins m 116
rahim dhalla o 116
jarrod miller o 116
johnny swinney m 117
matt letts o 117
lawrence bacon o 117
jonny riegel a 118
aleem dhalla a 118
jose hilario m 118
theth sien o 118
andres pizana o 118
brian hederer a 119
ross mcleod a 119
todd hillrichs g 119
jeff tannehill o 119
phillip hall o 119
shaun cobb o 119
johathon miller o 119
kevin bryant o 119
frankie robinson a 120
john cockrell a 120
greg cox g 120
bill burns g 120
todd yantis o 120
anthony herburger o 120
will mayfield a 121
stephen vanriper a 121
eric hadder o 121
danny piarente a 122
cameron shirley n 122
daniel zamora n 122
mike christian o 122
cj ocampo o 122
patrick mcreynolds a 123
mike anderson g 123
juan guerra g 123
lee letts o 123
dustin cox a 124
luke weiss a 124
woody wood g 124
barry nogle m 124
brad kane m 124
danny harris a 125
lloyd sitkoff g 125
jeff wallace m 125
trance rosenquist o 125
dusty eubanks a 126
eddie martinez a 126
drew duffer a 126
a ray g 126
zach tate o 126
kyle nowell a 127
troy capell m 127
billy bramlett n 127
joel davis n 127
michael knopp n 127
mike holloway o 127
jeremy dubois a 128
chris vancleave a 128
brent hutchison n 128
matt pittman n 129
james fliedner n 129
carey smith a 130
gene noeriga g 130
jeff jones m 130
austin strickland a 132
brian mcvickers m 132
daniel chenault a 133
brady watkins g 133
robert rodecap g 133
charlie scott n 133
andrew dignam n 133
jason mcluckie o 133
tyler horn a 134
bill pedigo n 134
scott laricchia a 135
raymond davidson n 135
ryan cox n 135
samara schimsher l 136
casey lee n 136
mike biseno a 137
kenny jackson a 138
shawn spiker n 138
chris culpepper n 141
cody crudgington n 142
jennifer brooks l 145
john keddington a 146
darrell bailey g 149
sarah brown l 149
wayne holloway n 151
larry holon g 153
michael villavicencic n 153
arianne miller l 165
dana smith l 168
ryan pittman n 187
zane letts n 187
steve brucker g DNF
barbie hames l x


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