Gateway West Course Development

The club has granted Course Development funds for some really awesome improvements out at Gateway Park in Fort Worth. Gateway was put in with a matching grant from the city of Fort Worth by Funkytown board member Brandon Melton and his crew over at Inches of Mercury back in 2008. Over the years the terrain has proven to be pretty gnarly and can sometimes make this championship level course tough to play. Recently Funkytown has come to an agreement with the city to take control of the maintenance of Gateway resolving years of confusion over who will  and who can do work out on the course.

The Grant provided funds for the rental  of a bobcat to scrape all of the fairways of weeds, shrubs and thistle. Brandon and Eloy, and several volunteers, worked for a solid week getting this tough job done. Additional funds will be used to make finishing touches around the course and the next time you  play it you will find a much more manageable course.

To highlight all of these great improvements we plan to hold the Hangover Classic at Gateway with a two course setup of 15 holes each. You will see the debut of new tee and pin positions around the course that will make the tough layout even more interesting and challenging.

Attached are a few pictures from the work being done, but to get more info and photos please visit the Gateway Disc Golf Course on Facebook. Feel free to stop by the Inches of Mercury Pro Shop and show Brandon your appreciation.

Remember the Course Development initiative is how the majority of your club dues get spent. All of you who renew your membership each year contribute to the Development of disc golf in the area. So thanks to all of you for making our courses better. If you haven’t renewed for 2012 please do, if you have, please help promote the club and bring in new members, bring them on out to a bag tag challenge!

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  • colin.with1l says

    Thank you Eloy! So when do we get to put up like three baskets in the middle of the circle by hole 12? It would be the absolute best practice putting area in the state!

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