Results January, 10th 2013 by David Teague

6th Hangover Classic Results

New Years day the Funkytown Flyers welcomed in the new year with our annual club championships, the Hangover Classic. Over 80 people braved the cold weather to play one of the most challenging courses in the metroplex, The 30 hole layout at Gateway was spectacular, showcasing the investment of the course development initiative and the hardwork of IOM and many volunteers this past year.

We started off presenting awards to our Member of Year, Jerry Seabolt and Flyer of the Year Bucky Garrett. Congratulations to our club champion Tony Shirley and his son Cameron who took down the ace. Thanks to everyone who turned out, braved the weather and made this a great event.

Thanks to all the hard working board members and volunteers and to our sponsors: IOM Disc Golf, Storage Depot, Avid Painting, Elite Custom Organizing and…please seek out these guys and show your support.

Don’t forget to renew your membership and get your new 2013 bag tag if you missed the Hangover.

Here are the results!

Name Division Total
Tony Shirley Open 94
Bucky Garrett Open 96
Cameron Shirley Open 97
Justin Jones Open 98
Brandon Melton Open 100
Matt Letts Open 101
Thoun Sien Open 101
Lee Letts Open 103
Hunter Hardwick Open 103
Jonathon Rivera Open 104
Mike Holloway Open 104
Jonny Riegal Open 105
Eric Dodson Open 105
James Maghas Open 108
Wesley Hardin Open 108
Patrick Mcreynolds Open 109
Chris Van Cleave Open 117
Johnathan Magallon Open 124
Jessie Mckenzie Open 128
John David Keddington Open 129
Michael Knopp Open 130
Micheal Villavicencio Open 140
Nick Vasquez Rec 123
Jd Rec 125
Jeff Hapes Rec 133
Nathan Schwarz Rec 143
Bobby Stanley Rec 157
Ryan Pittman Rec 207
Sarah Hiller Open Ladies 128
Stacia Pearce Open Ladies 133
Samantha Keddington Am Ladies 132
Heidi Cephus Am Ladies 144
Willow Brees Am Ladies 169
Jake Elkins Juniors 126
Zane Letts Juniors 133
Dustin Cox Advanced 103
Adrian Cordova Advanced 104
Jeff Tannehill Advanced 110
Dustin Urbanovsky Advanced 111
David Tennant Advanced 120
Jeremy Dubois Advanced 121
Gary Rodgers Advanced 131
Greg Roberts Advanced 147
Rahim Dhalla Advanced 1054
Adam Bailey Open Masters 98
Johnny Swinney Open Masters 109
Charles Cox Open Masters 113
Jimmy Elkins Open Masters 121
Grant Stanley Intermediate 109
Chip Scammel Intermediate 114
Mike Hiller Intermediate 114
Bradley Bramlett Intermediate 116
Les Buford Intermediate 118
Charles Scott Intermediate 119
Shane Ozmun Intermediate 120
Cody Crudgington Intermediate 121
Brock Nichols Intermediate 122
Jared Mitchell Intermediate 123
Eric Rasor Intermediate 123
Brian Phelps Intermediate 129
Daniel Chenault Intermediate 129
Hutch Intermediate 132
Brian Henderson Intermediate 162
Cody Mccoy Intermediate 1061
David Landis AM Masters 100
Ron Pittman AM Masters 107
Brad Kane AM Masters 111
Greg Cox AM Masters 112
Sean Roger AM Masters 112
B-Rad AM Masters 112
Raymond Davidson AM Masters 117
Juan Guerra Jr AM Masters 119
Dan Mcgough AM Masters 120
Brian Mcvickers AM Masters 122
Woody Wood Grandmasters 116
Barry Nogle Grandmasters 116
A Ray Grandmasters 117
Todd Hillrichs Grandmasters 119
Jerry Seabolt Grandmasters 122
Doug Riggs Grandmasters 122
Brady Watkins Grandmasters 127
Steven Brucker Grandmasters 127
Steve Sanders Grandmasters 130
Larry Hollon Grandmasters 141





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