February BT Challenge at the 'Vet'

The BT challenge is coming up and we look forward to a great new year with some new ideas as well. First of all, with the new format we guarantee tags 1-10 will be in play at each of the monthly challenges and not hanging on some wall or at the bottom of a bag of a non-participant. We also will be ironing out some details with our sponsors to increase cash and prize incentives at our challenges along with new initiatives to increase social interaction within the club off the course. We are currently working on a host pub/bar and grill to hold player parties involving skills challenges (beer pong not included:) lol) etc. We want everyone to know each other and be involved with and be informed of the clubs direction and changing landscape of our local disc golf goals. The work and commitment to our sport by the Funkytown flyers is becoming well known throughout the state and welcome any and all who would like to be involved in the upcoming chapters to come out and be a part of an exciting future for Fort Worth Disc Golf.

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  • jeff hapes says

    awesome cant wait. this will be my second trip to The Vet. hope its better than the first lol

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