AnnouncementsMembers May, 22nd 2013 by eloy


Your Funkytown Flyers has re-structured the Board of Directors. The Members of this board were put in place to achieve the vision of the club. The 2013 Board are as follows.

Director : Eloy Rodriguez
Co-Director: Dan Reagle
Finance Director: David Teauge
Membership Director: Andrew Ramirez
Course Development Director: John Keddington
Promotions Director: Lee Letts

Funkytown Flyers is a MEMBER driven organization. With member support and input we can achieve the goals and visions of our mission statement. As members we have an obligation to uphold certain standards in our disc golf communities. With your membership we have been able to help out local clubs and organizations by giving grants to improve thier disc golf parks. So members it’s up to all of us to continue this success by giving input, helping out on work days, donating time and money, finding new members, all these types of efforts is what helps us achieve our mission statement.

I believe as your Director we have what it takes to bring disc golf to the next level in Fort Worth, with the unity of all members, clubs and organizations helping each other out any way we can.

TOGETHER we are the Fort Worth Funkytown Flyers!

Stay Funky my Friends,




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