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2013 Funkytown Texas Teams Roster

Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf: 2013 Texas Teams Roster

 The official 2013 Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf  Texas Team will consist of the following:

Pro Men: Chris Cooper and JB Rappold.

Pro Master: Brandon Melton

Advanced Men: Matt Letts and Daniel Zamora

Intermediate Men: Mark Mullins and John Altamose (sub)

Am Woman: Samantha Keddington

Swing: Rick Hajek


The following player rating guidelines were used when placing members on our 2013 team. This information has been copied directly from the PDGA: the governing body of our sport. In absence of current player rating, last known player rating will be accepted to determine most appropriate skill level. Advantage will go to the player that is able to make available, verifiable player rating data.

 Open -An average Open player has several years experience, throws 325-400 feet accurately, makes 6-8/10 putts from 25-30 feet, and has a variety of shots (rollers, forehands, etc) to draw from. Ratings Guideline: 970+

Advanced – the top amateur division, available to all amateur players. Required division for male amateur players under 40 years of age with ratings >= 935.

Intermediate – available to amateur players of all ages with player ratings < 935.

Advanced Women – the top women’s amateur division, available to all female amateur players. Required division for female amateur players under 40 years of age with ratings >= 800.

Master – available to players who will be 40 years of age or older during the current year. Seasoned veterans who throw 300-400 feet consistently, make 6-8/10 putts from 25-30 feet, have good shot variety. Ratings Guideline: 935+ Score range: <58

Grandmaster – available to players who will be 50 years of age or older during the current year. Seasoned veterans who throw 250-350 feet, make 5-8/10 putts from 25-30 feet, have good shot variety. Ratings Guideline: 900+ Score range: <61

Juniors – divided into four groups based on age. <=10, <=13, <=16, <=19 during the entire calendar year.

Advanced Master – available to players who will be 40 years of age or older during the current year. Seasoned tournament players who have competed for several years, and developed consistency. Throw 250-350 feet, make 5-7/10 putts from 25-30 feet, have different shots to choose from. Score range: <63

The following information was used to determine team requirements as outlined by the 2013 Texas Teams event coordinators: Circular Productions

Team Makeup:

There are two divisions: Established and Merged. Every course or city is invited to send an Established team. Established teams have 9 players: 2 Pro, 2 Advanced, 2 Intermediate, 1 Master, 1 Amateur Woman, and one “swing” player (Pro Woman, Grand Master, Junior or Advanced Master). Courses may send more than one Established team if space allows. Merged Teams consist of 6 players: 3 Advanced and 3 Intermediate and generally represent communities without pros.

Please feel free to reference any of this information at the following websites

All information regarding format for this event was published prior to the 2013 Disc-o-inferno at the following website



The following data was made available by player performance, documented and processed in a modified match play format. Eligible members first round scores were used to seed their divisional bracket. The second round scores were used in 6 hole match’s, using stroke play scores over 6 holes to determine match value.  i.e. On holes 1-6 there were 3 birdies and 3 pars for player X. The match value is -3. Winners of each 6 hole match, proceed onward to compete against the next winner until only one remains. All ties will be settled by the next hole’s score until the tie is broken. Players that remain beyond position one and two will compile an alternate list in order of which they rank when bracket scoring is complete.

The pro masters division had one eligible entrant for the event, therefore there could be only one winner. Your 2013 Funkytown Flyer Disc Golf Pro Master: Brandon Melton

The advanced division only had 2 members that actually qualified for the spot, so the positions were technically filled before the first putt dropped. But to determine position one and two, the following data was applied.

FORMAT : Player(1st round score) holes (1-6)(7-12)(13-18)

Matt L (50)(-1)(+2)(even) VS Daniel Z (52) (even)(-1)(+3) = Matt L

Matt’s -1 for holes 1-6 was just enough to edge past Daniel, but for fun, we ran it thru 18 holes. Winning 2 of the 3 six hole matches the first advanced position goes to Matt Letts. 

FORMAT : Player(1st round score)(1-6)(7-12)(13-18)

Am. Lady Division

Sami K (55)(-1)(+1)(+2) VS  Willow B (75)(+10)(+6)(+8) = Sami K

Ingrid H (73)(+3)(+8)(+5) VS       Hannah W. (72)(+7)(+6)(+7) = Ingrid H

Sami K (+1) VS Ingrid H (+8) = Sami K winner

Sami’s was able to overcome Willow in the first round of the semi-finals by a score of -1/+10 to move on to the finals.

Ingrid came out strong to defeat Hannah +3/+7 to face Sami in the final match.

Sami wrapped up her spot on the team with a final match victory of +1/+8 over Ingrid H.

FORMAT : Player(1st round score)(2nd round score)(1-6)(7-12)(13-18)

Pro Men:

In this instance there was a tie for the first round, as a tie breaker, the lowest score for the second round was used to determine who should take the number one seed and get the first round buy.

Chris C. (53)(52)(-1)(-2)(+1) / Brice L. (53)(55)(+1)(even)(even) : the tie goes to Chris C. who gets the 1st seed.

Brice L. (53)(55)(+1)(even)(even) VS  J.B. Rappold (55)(even)(even)(+1)= J.B. Rappold

JB barely squeaks past local DD pro Brice L. for a spot in the finals.

In the second match, Chris Cooper’s two under strokes on holes 7-12 were enough to overcome JB’s even par for the 1st open spot, leaving JB to occupy the second.

FORMAT : Player(1st round score)(1-6)(7-12)(13-18)

Swing Division:

In this instance, the number of entrants was uneven for an ideal bracket structure, so the second round buy advantage was given to the cluster to which the 1st seed belonged.

Player seeds

1) Woody W.(55)(+4)(+1)(+2) grandmaster

2) Brian Mc V. (56)(even)(+3)(+4) advanced master

3) Rick H. (61) (-3)(-2)(even) advanced master

4) Jerry S. (63) (+2)(+1)(+2) grandmaster

5) Steve S. (64) (+4)(+7)(+2) grandmaster

6) Zane L. (66) (+2)(+6)(+3) junior

In the number one seed Woody W. lost to Junior Zane L, in the first six hole match +2/+4. Giving Zane the buy to the finals.

In the number two seed Brian Mc V overtook Steve S. in the first six hole match even/+4. Brian is on to the next round.

In the number three seed, Rick H dominated local favorite Jerry S in the first six hole match -3/+2. Rick is on to face Brian.

Brian’s +3 was no match for Rick’s second match score of -2 in holes 7-12. Rick is off to face Zane in the Finals

Swing finals were once again dominated by Rick H, who put together a smoking hot second round of 49 for the afternoon.

Intermediate division: This is by far our largest division, having 23 entrants. Logistically it was necessary to reduce the field to the top 8 players to establish our bracket. It was also necessary to use second round scores to settle ties.

FORMAT : Player(1st round score)(2nd round score)(1-6)(7-12)(13-18)

Player seeds

1) Joel D. (52)(58)(+2)(even)(+2)

2) Mike H. (53)(54)(-1)(even)(+1)

3) Keith M. (57)(59)(+4)(-1)(+2)

4) Chip S. (57)(60)(+3)(-2)(+5)

5) Mark M. (58)(54)(+1)(even)(-1)

6) Zach H. (58)(59)(+1)(+1)(+3)

7) Jeremy D (59)(55)(even)(+3)(-2)

8) John A. (63)(53)(-1)(even)(even)

In the number one seed, Joel D. is taken out by the number 8 seed John A. -1/+2, John A will face winner from number 2 seed in the semi-finals.

In the number two seed, Mike H. overcomes Jeremy D -1/even. Mike H will face John A. in the semi-finals.

In the number three seed Keith M. is overcome by the six seed of Zach H. +1/+4. Zach will move to semi finals to face winner of 4 seed.

In the number four spot, Chip S. was defeated by 5 seed Mark M. +1/+3

SEMI FINAL’S= Holes 7-12 scores, ties broken by next hole’s score.

8) John A. (63)(53)(-1)(even)(even) VS 2) Mike H. (53)(54)(-1)(even)(+1) : The second 6 hole match left these two competitors tied, the next holes scores were used to determine winner. The tie breaker came to hole 13: John A- +1 / Mike H: even. Mike H moves onto the finals.

6) Zach H. (58)(59)(+1)(+1)(+3) VS 5) Mark M. (58)(54)(+1)(even)(-1): The second 6 hole match leaves Mark M on top and moving on into the finals with Mike H.

FINALS= Holes 13-18

5) Mark M. (58)(54)(+1)(even)(-1) VS 2) Mike H. (53)(54)(-1)(even)(+1) : Finals honors go to Mark M. -1/+1

ALTERNATE POSITION ASSIGNMENTS: Using the same scoring structure we have allocated the following members as alternates for their corresponding divisions.

Open:  Brice Longerbone

Advanced:  Seeking applicants.

Intermediate:  1st : John Altamose 2nd Zach Hall 3rd Joel D.

Swing:  1st Brian Mc V. 2nd Jerry S. 3rd Woody

Am Woman:  1st Hannah 2nd Ingrid 3rd Willow

The board would like to acknowledge that a mistake was made while scoring the blind match play event.  When the tentative team roster was announced, the scoring structure used the forthcoming match totals to resolve a tie.  As communicated on the website prior to the event, ties would be settled by the score on the following hole, not the following match.  This was a regrettable error, and we do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you everybody for your continued support, we look forward to serving you again.



  • Chris Cooper says

    Looking forward to teams this year! This is going to be a lot of fun! Proud to represent Funkytown!

  • Chris Cooper says

    Also, thanks to all those that put in the work to make the Club Championship happen! That was a lot of fun! Just make it a little cooler next year…my only suggestion.

    • discboomer says

      Without our members, we are nothing. Thank you for your support and kind words.

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