AnnouncementsResults September, 1st 2013 by Dan

Club Championship Results


Thanks to all that came out and braved the Texas inferno heat, hope you had a funky time.  Congratulations to our 1st Club Champ, Luis Gonzalez.  Pictures will be posted as soon as they are available.

Will have the official Texas Teams team results posted tomorrow.

 Here’s the results by division:

Name Division   Total
Daniel Zamora Advanced 108
Woody Wood Grandmasters 116
Jerry Seabolt Grandmasters 122
Steve Sanders Grandmasters 131
Jerry Rodgers Grandmasters 132
Skip Maxwell Grandmasters 132
Chase Barrett Intermediate 109
Joel Davis Intermediate 110
Mark Mullins Intermediate 112
Jordan McMann Intermediate 112
Jeremy Dubois Intermediate 114
Keith Morris Intermediate 116
John Altemose Intermediate 116
Zach Hall Intermediate 117
Brian Thorn Intermediate 117
Chip Scammel Intermediate 117
Tom Duganitz Intermediate 118
Adam Virag Intermediate 119
Hooj Kue (Tad) Intermediate 121
Jesse Widelitz Intermediate 122
Jesse Gomez Intermediate 122
Ben McNinch Intermediate 123
Brent Hutchison Intermediate 124
Les Buford Intermediate 127
Richard Foster Intermediate 127
Jeff Hapes Intermediate 128
Chris VanCleve Intermediate 129
Daniel Velasquez Intermediate 133
Zane Letts Juniors 131
Grifin Hutchison Juniors 150
Brandon Melton Masters 106
Rick Hajek Masters 110
Brian McVickers Masters 117
Todd Pool Masters 130
Luis Gonzalez Open 101
Chris Cooper Open 105
Matt Letts Open 105
Mike Holloway Open 107
Brice Longerbone Open 108
Tony Shirley Open 109
JB Rappold Open 110
Mitch Branick Open 111
Dalton Seabolt Open 117
Cameron Shirley Open 120
Sami Keddington Womens 111
Ingrid Hajek Womens 143
Hannah Wilson Womens 146
Willow Brees Womens 153


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