Bag Tag Challenge October, 13th 2013 by discboomer

Results for the October Bag Tag Challenge


26 Players came to share the good times this humid October  morning. Also, in attendance were the good folks from the Arcadia/North Park Saturday mini. The hybrid event ran smooth and somewhat efficient. Those in attendance were welcome to compete in both events, sharing the same modified 20 hole course lay out. Needless to say, great times were had by all.

5 new members were welcomed to the club this fine day. One membership was the result of the hybrid event itself, the other four were the result of one members advocacy and positive attitued. Big thanks to Hannah Wilson, your spirit and love of the game are contagious and bring tremendous value to our disc golf community. Also a super big thanks to WillowBrees! Her contributions to the  bag tag challenge were much appreciated and uber rad to boot!

Taking home the Awesome Sauce were our division winners: Open: Lee “discboomer” Letts (also took home the ace pot on hole 15, BOOM)

Masters: Brandon Melton

Ladies: Hannah Wilson

Am: Daniel Zamora

Grandmasters: Jerry Seabolt  

Lots of good things on the horizon, thanks for everybodys continued support!

1. Lee “discboomer” Letts

2. Brandon Melton

3. Chris Cooper

4.Daniel Zamora

5.Bryan Neatherlin

6.Jerry Seabolt

7. Woody Wood

8. Andrew Ramirez

9. Charles Remsburg

10.Russel Williams

11. Keith Morris

12. Trace Neatherlin

13. Jesse M.

14. John ” its in” Keddington

15. Jordan Avalos

16. Greg Roberts

17. Raymond Davidson

18. Michael Blanco

19. Josh Cross

20. Sami Keddington

21. Grant Stanley

22. Zane Letts

23. Larry Hollon

24. Hannah Wilson

25. Willow Brees

26. Tasha Joy




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