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Battle at the Saddle

This month our efforts were focused on a course in need. The Saddle Hills disc golf course in White Settlement is shaping up to be one of the more challenging courses in the area. Elevation, wind, water and ample vegetation provide a challenge for all skill levels, yet remains friendly enough for causal play. Local course administrators, Patriot Disc Golf, have received the go ahead for tee pad installation, with the understanding that half the funds needed are to be generated by the course club itself. To date, Patriot has raised an impressive amount towards achieving their goals. With the combined efforts of Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf and Patriot Disc Golf , we were able to generate substantial funds needed for the concrete installation.  The event featured 2 additional holes that have been proposed to replace the rapidly eroding hole 5. Initial feedback indicated that the “A hole” was preferred by the majority of players. With 100% of the greens fees going directly to the tee pad funds, there was $520 generated for the tee pads. Contributions from Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf , Straight Line Discs, and Mr. Les Buford were able to bring that number to an even $600. With the city matching our funds, Funkytown Flyers Disc Golfers were able to generate  $1200.00 towards the concrete tee pad installation.  BOOM!!! That amount added to the current course funds put Patriot Disc Golf only a few hundred dollars away from from achieving their goals !!!! Rumor has it, there are several parties interested in making  individual contributions, so this can become reality in the very near future!

Spring was in full swing this very windy day. The funk’dafied layout added a few strokes to the course and played a bit tougher with wind gusts in the 40’s. A scorecard playoff was needed to determine the #1 bag tag winner, as there was a 2 way tie for first. Shooting -2 on the par 60 format, our 2013 Member of the Year+ Team Captain of the 2013 Texas Teams Champions Chris Cooper took home top honors for the day as the event winner and will have a tee pad named in his honor upon installation. Congratulations Chris, well played.

Big thanks go out to the new kids on the block, Ideal Disc’s! They were kind enough to stop by, support the event, and made a water donation for the event participants. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and their new retail location. Make sure to show some love, to those that share the love!!! Thank you Ideal!

Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf would like to thank everybody for their continued support. We have a fantastic line up for May and look forward to seeing everybody then. For those of you making plans for memorial day weekend, this may be a good year to stick around the house. We have something special in the works for that weekend with a corporate sponsor that you will not want to miss. Details coming soon!

If you were in this months top ten, we will be reaching out to you to coordinate delivery of your bag tag!

Be well!


andres pisana 58
chris cooper 58 winner via scorecard playoff
kyle hammill 59
toby l 60
NASCAR dave 60
jordan avalos 62
chad larson 62
lee letts 63
brent hutchinson 64
jesse widelitz 64
grant stanley 64
joseph stephens 64 scoring error
kurt nogle 64
jordan mcmann 65
jordan carter 65
dillion williams 65
jake powell 66
zane letts 67
brock nichols 67
weston turner 67
tom duganitz 67
colin charles 67
brandon pool 67
eric oakley 68
andrew sewell 69 scoring error
tj turner 69 scoring error
mike pastor 69
doug groosnickle 70
chase barrett 71
sami weber 72
brian burt 72
mike cavanaugh 73
shawn harlan 74
robert boedecker 74 scoring error
matt mcmurry 74
brady watkins 74
les buford 75
collin richeson 76
larry hollon 77
tim patek 77
griffin hutchinson 78
jeremy dubois 78
mercedes gutierrez 79
dirk boyd 80
jordan roberts 80
billy rodifer 82
austin pastor 82
ryon bodnar 85
jayson gutierrez 86
zak lechner 999
wesley brister 999
daniel s 999 incomplete scorecard


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