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14th Annual Z Boaz Open & Funkytown Flyers Spring Social

For over a decade, the DFW metroplex has had an unsung hero stimulating a community unlike any other in town, the state, possibly even the country. Brian Mace and Maceman Productions are as worldly a disc golf advocate as their can be. They have kept their dreams alive for a 14th year now. As a founding member of the Funkytown Flyers, Brian has generously shared with us his vision, his experience and his dedication as a true disc golf  ambassador. From Rock Hill to Japan, his legacy encompasses the globe, and once again calls home, the Mighty Z.

Maceman disc golf productions has turned down the frequency, yet cranked up the quality, delivering a world class  experience unparalleled in the disc golf community. When efforts were made to expand upon his vision, Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf was able to step up and enable his team to take this event to the next level. The culmination of effective tournament direction, fundraising, event planning and course design has enabled this event to be such a tremendous success, year after year. With the support of local business owners, course clubs from near and far, and a strong local disc golf community the Z Boaz Open has continued to distinguish itself among the premier event’s in the country.

This years event featured the Maceman designed “Throw in the Mow” temporary course, adjacent to the long established Z Boaz Disc Golf Course. With course design being such a hot topic these days, Brian was able to lend his worldly perspective to create a challenging and equally fair layout. Most important and frequently overlooked, the design is 100% sustainable, utilizing areas that the local government currently maintains, eliminating the need for countless man hours of course maintenance. Furthermore, the location would prove to be an asset to the local disc golf community as it would most likely ease congestion on the frequently overcrowded Z Boaz Disc Golf Course.

Over the years, South Z Boaz park foot traffic has lessened with the removal of popular youth soccer fields, leaving the doors wide open for the potential of a possible permanent installation. Imagine a 36 hole disc golf complex on the far West side of Fort Worth…. Sounds dreamy… With continued efforts of local course clubs, event promoters, and Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf, this dream can become reality. Only time will tell.

Far beyond our collective investment of blood, sweat and tears, we the disc golfers can do more to ensure that this dream becomes a reality, faster. SUPPORT THOSE THAT SUPPORT US. Presently the City of Fort Worth does not realize the value of it’s thriving disc golf  community. Locally spent disc golf dollars generate tax revenue for our community, those tax dollars eventually can be utilized as leverage in our favor. Help us be a part of the solution, as we collectively move towards the same goal, more disc golf. Before you make your next disc golf purchase, ask yourself, where does this money go? Does it return to your home course, your neighbors home course, or does it cross state lines and support communities you will most likely never see. YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE, YOU AND THE SPORT YOU LOVE HAVE VALUE, APPRECIATE THAT AND USE THAT TO OUR ADVANTAGE.

We, Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf are grateful to have such an asset among our membership and in our community. This event transcends the boundaries of just another tournament. It is a gathering of experiences that culminate in the form of memories that last a lifetime. Be it your first tournament, your first win, your first DFL, your new lifelong brothers & sisters in flight, this is far more  than just another weekend of disc golf. There is a community and fellowship that await. Big or little, rich or poor, black or white, recreational or pro,  there is a culture that awaits you. In a modern society that so lacks tradition and a sense of greater good, we have a second chance to share and bond with our fellow man.  We do so through sport, we do so with integrity, we do so through disc golf. HOW RAD IS THAT ? 

Whether it be the one who empties the trash, the fellow who picks up a piece of trash on the course, the few that show up to a work day, the club directors, the tournament promoters, the sponsors, the extra set of hands, whomever it may be that  takes a moment to be a part of the solution, we thank you. Brian & Brandon Mace, we thank you. It’s not what you did today, or tomorrow, its what you did yesterday. A life you touched whilst standing on your soap box, or while gushing blood on an install, or a pleasant conversation over a taco or two, perhaps during a round of disc golf. So many connections and so many lives you have touched, all while doing what you love… Those connections spread like the blood pumping through our veins and distribute beyond your comprehension. FOR THAT WE THANK YOU

Congratulations to all the event participants, your support brings enrichment to the sport we hold so dear. Without you we are nothing but a bunch of people “playing fetch with ourselves in the park” -Jonathan Leroy Bunch

Event results are posted here :

Far too many of the Funky Ones to pay tribute to for their stellar play. Way to go Funkytown, way to represent.






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