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"Made in the Shade" at Sycamore Park

52 of Funkytown’s Finest were treated to a day unlike many other in the month of June. With relatively low temperatures, constant cloud cover and a steady breeze, the ample shade that Sycamore Park has to offer was enough to keep all in good spirits this fine day. This month we were treated to a fresh perspective on disc golf course design compliments of Mr. Bruce Pilkington. This true Par 57 would welcome every shot in your arsenal, if you had it to offer. Most remarkable was the efficient use of land in this finely maintained facility. The City of Fort Worth has something truly special with this park. Located in one of its elder neighborhood, the maintenance has been sustained for years and lends itself to disc golf perfectly. Mr. Pilkington’s intimate knowledge of the city’s park system led him to this jewel which allowed him the time to discover its potential. Placing a value on placement balanced with power, those that could manage both were treated to low scores and good times. There were many a kind word mentioned this day and many hearts now long to see this park with a permanent installation. Given its proximity to a private university, community center, and a high school. This land is grossly underused and we feel disc golf would be a perfect fit to rejuvenate a sense of culture and amenity on the South side. A special thank you to The Disc Shop for joining our efforts this month, we appreciated the good company and professional manor in which you choose to conduct your business. Those that are awaiting payout can collect at their retail location. Check them out on Facebook for store hours and street address. Big up’s to the top ten performers! Those of you awaiting this months top ten awards are welcome to collect at our next disc funk sion or are welcome to join us every Sunday this summer  at The Panther Island Pavilion for Sunday Funday’s. Thank you to all of our wonderful members for your continued support.


Heres the full rundown:

Patrick Mcreynolds 49
Chris Cooper 50
JB Rappold 53
One Arm Willy 55
Tracey 56
Zane Letts 56
Lee Letts 56
Dustin Cox 57
Bruce Pilkington 57
Taylor Cole 57
A Ray 58
John Keddington 58
Weston T. 59
Levi Tucker 59
Russel W. 59
Mark Mullins 60
Gary L 60
Dennis E 60
Bob B. 60
Robert Naini 61
Charles Belicek 61
Matt Letts 61
Dan Reagle 61
Brady 62
Keith M. 62
Bekkah D 62
Daniel Z. 62
Les Buford 62
Trace N. 62
Darrin Cayton 63
Aaron L. 63
Matt Weinberg 63
Ben Mc Ninch 64
Samara S. 64
Chris C. 65
Grant Stanley 66
Steve Sanders 66
Brandon New 66
Chase Barret 67
Taylor 67
Billy 68
Casey B 68
Tim Patek 68
sami w. 69
Sean Clark 70
Anna R. 71
Kim Letts 72
Larry Hollon 73
Zach Sloan 74
The Brain 75
Wendy S. 104
Skipper 999


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