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The July Disc Funk Sion at Panther Island Pavilion

This Summer, Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf has been welcomed as an attraction at the Panther Island Pavilion: Sunday Funday event series on the banks of the Trinity River in downtown Fort Worth. Alongside Backwoods Paddle Sport Rentals, Coburns Catering, Kona Ice, and Panther Island Brewing we have had the privilege of hosting a temporary layout every Sunday from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. Over the Summer, the course has evolved week by week. This Sunday, July 13th, saw the first complete 18 hole installation as we hosted our monthly Disc Funk Sion. Given the limited amount of time we have access to the property, a shotgun start format was necessary. Why not host a mini, RIGHT? Well, that we did.

We had the pleasure of Disc Golf Station joining us this steamy Sunday afternoon. Chase Barrett Designs came through with a super sweet donation to the members in the form of free Funkytown decals!!  Also in attendance were 24 adventurous members, who elected to fore-go an afternoon of  FIFA World Cup Finals in pursuit of a new and unique disc golf experience. This day saw a handful of firsts… The first complete 18 hole install, 2 new members played their first rounds with us, and the very first ace ever hit on this property went down!!!! Member Colin Wickstrom hit a very impressive ace on the incredibly intimidating hole 9. The true challenge with this hole is overcoming the certainty that you will lose your disc if you run long of the basket perched atop the levy a mere 20 feet from the Trinity. With over 30 feet in elevation change from tee to green, this 230 foot hole exemplifies the “Risk-vs- Reward” design element that disc golfers so desperately crave. Colin took the risk, and he reaped the reward. The ace was enough to put him into a one stroke lead to win the open division and first place honors in our monthly custom bag tag challenge. To commemorate the day, Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf  matched every entry fee to the mini, leading to fat payout from the always impressive Disc Golf Station inventory.

We would like to take a moment to thank the fine folks at Panther Island Pavilion, Tarrant Regional Water District, and the Trinity River Vision Authority. The efforts to develop this amazing property into an outdoor  recreational destination for our community are greatly appreciated. We are honored to share our vision with you and your affiliates.

Next month, we bring you our 2014 Club Championship: The Disc-O-Inferno II !!! This will be our members opportunity to earn a paid spot on the DEFENDING CHAMPION FUNKYTOWN FLYERS at this years Texas Teams Championship. Stay tuned for details….


1. Colin Wickstrom 50 (ACE!)

2. Jeff Tannehill 51

3.  JB Rappold 51

4. Lee “Discboomer” Letts 52

5. Chris Cooper 53

6. The upshot master: Les Buford 54

7. Andres Pisana 54

8. Daniel Zamora 58

9. Zach Sloan 58

10. Chase Barret 58 ( won the scorecard playoff )

11. John Keddington 58

12. Aaron Livingston 58

13. Matt “Kermit” Weinberg 58

14. Trace N. 58

15. Zane Letts 59

16. Keith Anderson 60

17. Andy Anderson 60

18. Chris Chambla 60

19. Samara Schrimsher 61

20. Sami Keddington 62

21. Larry Hollon 62

22. Justin T. 63

23. Steven S 68

24. Lonny Parton 70




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