About Funkytown Flyers

Funkytown Flyers Mission Statement

The Funkytown Flyers is a Fort Worth based nonprofit organization of disc golfers united to foster a positive disc golf community in the North Texas area. The club is dedicated to encouraging the development of disc golf by raising funds and collaborating with local course clubs, players associations, business and government organizations. Additionally we seek to create an outlet for our members to serve the general community with their time, resources, and charitable contributions.

Funkytown Flyers Club History

The Funkytown Flyers club was born from a motivated group of people in the fall of 2006 that desired to see disc golf grow and be more organized in and around Fort Worth. In 2008 the club incorporated as a non-profit with the stated purpose of promoting and expanding disc golf in the North Texas region with a base of operations in Fort Worth. The first Hangover classic was held at the newest course in Haltom City, North Park.

In 2008 the club affirmed it’s organizational structure of being an umbrella organization that is representative of local course clubs and not tied to a particular disc golf course. The primary focus of the club was to assist in development of a new course in Gateway Park, Fort Worth. With the help of its club members and some key leaders in the community the course was developed and hosted the 2009 Hangover Classic membership bag tag challenge. Along the way research was done to better understand the relationships the City of Fort Worth had with disc golfers and to look for new locations of course development.

In 2009 the club chose to host minis at Gateway park, work on course signage, sponsor disc golf events, and begin work on new courses. The year had many challenges and it was found that hosting a mini at Gateway park would be difficult accomplish with so many other resident minis at competitive times and courses. It was decided that it wasn’t in the club’s best interest to run the mini, but to instead let course locals run the show. The club would then revert to its original role as an umbrella for the locals and the course. Similar challenges were met with course signage and new course development. Despite the challenging atmosphere, the club held or helped run four tournaments, ran a clinic introducing kids to disc golf, did course maintenance work, and sponsored five tournaments in North Texas.

2010 began with a huge turn out at the Hangover Classic held at the great new course in Grand Prairie, Turner Park. Some hard working board members stepped down and new ones stepped up. The Course Development Initiative was created and we made a large donation to the Arlington Disc Golf Association to expand tee pads and install new tee signs on one of the oldest and best loved courses in the metroplex. The traveling monthly bag tag challenges began, bringing an additional revenue source to the club. All of the clubs bag tags were sold and membership grew to new levels.

2011 has begun with a bang! The Hangover had another huge turnout at Veterans Park and this incredible new website has launched. We begin the year with excitement and gratitude for the team at JDM Marketing Evolved for their generous contribution to our club and disc golf in DFW.

Into 2011 and 2012 membership levels were stagnant and new course club development overwhelmed the disc golfing public. Members now had so many opportunities to become involved with different organizations, club participation faded and  fast.

For 2013 the year started off with more of the same. The 6th Annual Hangover Classic returned to Gateway DGC in efforts to rejuvenate the public interest in this amazing and challenging course. The event saw Gateway extended to a 30 hole format.  The additional holes proved to be quite popular to those in attendance. The weather was quite cold and dreary and the turnout was far less than expected. All hope seemed to be lost as general interest the club had all but disappeared.

Refusing to let the dream die, the board of directors was restructured in February of 2013. With the newly rejuvenated board of directors and boat load of ambition, we began blueprinting our initiative for 2013. This initiative led to many successful bag tag challenges and the conception of our Club Championship: The Disco Inferno. The Disco Inferno was our opportunity to allow our members to earn a spot on our club sponsored team , for the 2013 Texas Teams Championship. Historically, individual teams are assembled by groups that hand select who they feel to be their best players. We proposed that a player that earned their spot on a team would have a much higher chance at success.  WE WERE RIGHT! Your 2013 Texas Teams Champions: Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf.

As we transition into 2014, our direction has changed once again. A change for the better. Our efforts to serve the community have intensified and we have our vehicle to take Fort Worth disc golf to the next level. Have course, will travel….. Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf, coming at’cha baby!