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Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf  has over 700 members. We are from all walks of life, united by our love for the sport of Disc Golf. Some of us compete, some of us play casually, some of us are great golfers, some of us are still learning. Most important, we care  about fostering a positive disc golf community. This site is for everyone interested in Metroplex Disc Golf.  If you would like to become more involved in the local Disc Golf community, consider joining  Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf  for an event, liking us on Facebook, or following us on Instagram.

The main benefit of  membership is belonging to a community of Disc Golfers committed to the evolution of DFW Disc Golf. Membership dues ensure that we are able to help our community grow and provide our members new disc golf experiences. You will receive a Bag Tag that proudly display’s : you ARE a Funkytown Flyer.  We host member only disc funk sion’s that culminate at our New Year’s celebration: the Hangover Classic, our club championships: The Disc-o-inferno, our annual Ice Bowl and our monthly Disc Funk Sion’s on the second Saturday of each month. As a member, we welcome you to have a voice in the Disc Golf community. We welcome  you to join our family and become involved as you see fit.

Membership Fees: To become a member, one must simply participate in one of our events. Your twenty five dollar membership fee will provide exclusive access to our monthly events and discounted green fee’s for the remainder of the year.

For those interested, check out our simple, yet strict privacy policy for more information.