Club Members

Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf welcomes members from all walks of life, united by our love for the game of Disc Golf. Some of us compete, some of us play casually, some of us are great golfers, some of us are still learning. But all of us care about fostering a positive disc golf community. This site is for everyone interested in DFW Disc Golf. But if you would like to get more involved in the local Disc Golf community, consider showing your support by becoming a member.

The primary benefit of membership  is belonging to a community of Disc Golfers committed to the evolution of local disc golf. Membership dues enable our course development efforts, permitting and insuring club activities, growing/managing/maintaining a club inventory and contributing directly to our community via multiple marketing relationships with numerous non-profit organizations,local businesses, and educational institutions. Membership dollars also fund our summer month Funkytown Oasis initiative. When the heat index rises and the tournament season is in full swing, we like to ensure that local event competitors remain hydrated and healthy by donating ice cold water, refreshments and our volunteer time at select events throughout the year. As a member, you will receive a bag tag and available swag to proudly boast your affiliation.  We host monthly member only disc funk sion’s  that culminate with our New Year’s celebration, The Hangover Classic. As a member, your support ensures that we are able to continue our mission to advocate with integrity,promote the sport and provide the most unique disc golf experiences anywhere.

Our “Have course, will travel” concept not only allows us the privilege of bringing disc golf to communities without, but also enables us to showcase the many positive attributes that disc golf can bring to our frequently underused and abused municipal park system. Past initiatives have demonstrated that disc golf integration is a realistic and positive alternative in shared spaces. Many cities and local municipalities have come to appreciate disc golf’s capacity to thwart unwanted park activities by our mere presence alone. Given that disc golfers are typically more eco-minded than the average park user, litter abatement traditionally accompanies our activity as well.

Wanna get down with the Funky One’s ? Here’s the list of who’s on board for 2014 thus far, including our benefactors.

Tarrant Area Food Bank, Tarrant Regional Water District, Trinity River Vision Authority, Saddle Hills Disc Golf course, with many more to come.

Abby Scheelee
Adam Virag
Adrian Cordova
Alfred Ray
Andre’ Gonzalez
Andres Pizana
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Dignum
Anna Randals
Ash Freeman
Ben McNinch
Bill Wolfe
Billy Pratt
Brad Kane
Brad Bishop
Bradly Bramlett
Brady Watkins
Brandon Melton
Brent Hutchison
Brian Henderson
Brian McVickers
Brian Phelps
Brian Snelling
Brice Longerbone
Britt Browning
Bryan Boyd
Bryan Hightower
Bryan Neatherlin
Cameron Shirley
Carlos Uresti
Charles Cox III
Charles Scott
Charles Beltrek
Charles Remsburg
Chase Wood
Chase Barrett
Chip Scammel
Chris Van Cleave
Chris Cooper
Collin Richeson
Craig Stone
Dan McGough
Dan Regal
Daniel Zamora
Daniel Henderson
Daniel Chenault
Daniel Meier
Darrin Cayton
Dave Emrick
David Teague
David (Big Buck) Landis
Debbie Stewart
Denise Gentry
Dennie Ortega
Dennis Engerer
Dewayne Furr
Dirk Boyd
Dustin Cox
Dustin Urbanowsky
Dusty Eubanks
Eloy Rodriguez
Eric Rasor
Eric Teddy
Frank Escalante
Garrett Cannell
Gary Rodgers
Grant Stanley
Greg Cox
Hanna Wilson
Hooj (Tad) Kue
Hunter Steel
Ingrid Hajek
Jacob Bailey
James Santti
James Beaty
Jason Carr
Jay Ijams
JB Rappold
Jeff Hapes
Jeff Tannehill
Jennifer Tucker
Jeremy DuBois
Jerry Seabolt
Jesse Widelitz
Jessica Wood
Jim Dart
Jimmy Elkins
Joel Davis
John Altemose
John Cockrell
John David Keddington
Johnny Pantoja
Jon Estrada
Jonathan McNally
Jonathon Huskerson
Jordan McMann
Jordan Roberts
Josh Cross
Justin Lawler
Keith Morris
Keith Machen
Kim Letts
Krista Blair
Kristopher Lawrence
Kurt Nogle
Kyle Hamill
Kyle Nowell
Kyle Cooper
Larry Hollon
Lee Letts
Les Buford
Levi Mariro
Levi Barnard
Levi ????
Levi Tucker
Lloyd Sitkoff
Mark Mullins
Mark Doss
Matt Letts
Matt Jara
Michael Adams
Michael Steel
Mike Hiller
Mike Pastor
Mike Toves
Mike Cavanaugh
Mitch Branick
Mr. Bill
Nolan Bates
Patrick McReynolds
Rahim Dhalla
Randy Greywoulf
Raymond Davidson
Rhonda Belew
Richard Foster
Rick Hajek
Robert Naini
Robert Nakooka
Robert Stickel
Robert McNally
Ron Pittman
Rudy Munoz
Russell Williams
Ryan Pittman
Ryan Durban
Ryan Bodnar
Samara Schrimsher
Sami Weber
Sami Keddington
Sarah Hiller
Scott Laricchia
Sean Stewart
Sean Worley
Shannon Tucker
Shaun Collie
Sheeter Harrison
Silas Grant
Skip Maxwell
Stacia Pearce
Steve Brucker
Steve Sanders
Tasha Joy
Taylor Hicks
Tim Patek
Todd Pool
Todd Hillrichs
Tom Duganitz
Tony Shirley
Trace Neatherlin
Tracy Mowery
Tracy Van Egmond
Vlora Poshka
W.Ray Murray Jr.
Weston Turner
Will Jones
will frick
William S.Brucker
Willow Sky Breeze
Willy Castaneda
Zak Flynn
Zane Letts