Club Members

The Funkytown Flyers has over 400 members. We are from all walks of life, united by our love for the game of Disc Golf. Some of us compete, some of us play casually, some of us are great golfers, some of us are still learning. But all of us care about fostering a positive disc golf community. This site is for everyone interested in DFW Disc Golf. But if you would like to get more involved in the local Disc Golf community, consider becoming a full fledged Member of the Funkytown Flyers Disc Golf Club.

 The main benefit of being a Member is belonging to the community of Disc Golfers committed to the evolution of DFW Disc Golf. Your membership dues go towards funding our Course Development Initiative where we give out grants for local course improvement and installation. You will receive a Bag Tag that you can proudly display and compete for if you like.  We host member only Bag Tag Challenges that culminates in our New Year’s celebration, The Hangover Classic. As a member you will have a voice in the Disc Golf community. We invite you to participate.

Aaron Bernardez
Adam Bailey
Adrian Cordova
Allan Pisano
Andrew Ramirez
Angela Grant
Alfred “Aray” Ray
Barry Noggle
Bill Pedigo
Bobby Stanley
Brad Kane
B-Rad Jenkins
Bradly Bramlett
Brady Watkins
Brandon Melton
Brian Henderson
Brian McVickers
Brian Phelps
Brock Nichols
Bucky Garrett
Cameron Shirley
Charles Cox III
Charles Scott
Chip Scammel
Chris Van Cleave
Cody Crudgington
Cody Mccoy
Dan McGough
Dan Regal
Daniel Chenault
Daniel Zamora
David Tennant
David Teague
David Covalt
David Landis II
David “Big Buck” Landis
Dennie  Ortega
Dewayne Furr
Doug Riggs
Dustin Cox
Dustin Urbanovsky
Dusty Eubanks
Eloy Rodriguez
Eric Dodson
Eric Rasor
Eric Hadder
Gary Rodgers
Grant Stanley
Greg Cox
Greg Roberts
Greg Browning
GT Hanock
Hanna Wilson
Heidi Cephus
Hunter Hardwick
Jake Elkins
James Maghas
Jared Mitchell
Jeff Hapes
Jeff Tannehill
Jennifer Brooks
Jeremy DuBois
Jeremy Barber
Jerry Seabolt
Jesse Mckenzie
Jimmy Elkins
Joe Cardenas Sr.
John Altemose
John Luecke
John Maiuro
John David Keddington
Johnathan Magallon
Johnny Swinney
Johnny Hicks
Jonathon Rivera
Jonny Riegel
Juan Guerra Jr
Justin Jones
Keith Morris
Ken  Herrod
Kyle Nowell
Kyle New
Larry Hollon
Lee Letts
Les Buford
Louis Adams
Matt Letts
Michael Knopp
Micheal Villavicencio
Mike Hiller
Mike Holloway
Nathan Schwarz
Nelson Pearce
Nick Vasquez
Nick Moore
Patrick Mcreynolds
patrick Machen
Rachel Scammel
Rahim Dhalla
Raymond Davidson
Rick Hajek
“Robert “Woody”" Wood
Ron Pittman
Ryan Pittman
Ryan Caines
Sami Keddington
Sarah Hiller
Scott Laricchia
Scott Ostenfeld
Sean Roger
Sean Stewart
Sean Worley
Shane Ozmun
Stacia Pearce
Stephen Van Riper
Steve Brucker
Steve Sanders
Thoun Sien
Todd Hillrichs
Tony Shirley
Wesley Hardin
Willow Brees
Zack Hall
Zane Letts